• Henrique Weil Afonso Damas Catholic College


The aim of this paper is to develop a historical scrutiny of the interplay between legal regulation and social reproduction. The question of marketization of the social sphere has been gaining significant attention over the past decades. While social theorists update Polanyian analysis of the status of embedded and disembedded markets to understand present-day crisis of social reproduction, it is relevant to situate these in light of historical lenses. By focusing on the idea of uberization of labour and care work, it considers, in the first case, how contemporary forms of labour are detrimental to the maintenance of the social fabric and, in the second one, how long-standing forms of violence are reproduced. It develops an argument according to which the disruption of work-related regulation has a direct connection to the inability of legal systems to institutionalize proper social times that are not reducible to market time.


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